Section Conclave, or the Tornado Alley Rally, is an annual event where five lodges from Central Region Section C-5B get together for fellowship, competitions, and lots of fun while celebrating the traditions of the Order of the Arrow. Arrowmen have the chance to participate in the numerous trainings, games, over the top activities, ceremony and dance competitions, awesome shows, patch trading, and so much more.

Conclave is certainly going to be fun. The theme of this year’s conclave is Arrowmen Assemble. Conclave will be packed full of superhero-based activities and exhibitions. We expect a huge turnout at the beautiful Camp Naish in Bonner Springs, Kansas. You will not want to miss this action-packed weekend of brotherhood and tradition!

Here is a list of the activities at conclave:

  • Escape Room
  • Scotts Iconium Store
  • Skilled Trades Workshops
  • Tomahawk Throwing
  • Shooting Sports
  • Ifly Booth
  • Stem Trailer
  • EMS Services Exhibit