R. D. Dunkin Leadership in Service Award

Nomination Form (Due March 15th)

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This award is designed to recognize those within Section C-5B who go far beyond their immediate responsibilities as Arrowmen and by doing so have laid a path of excellence for other Arrowmen to follow. The award is named after R.D. Dunkin, who believed that young people can grow to exceptional strengths and reach their full potential with the right combination of leadership, education, mentorship, and love. R.D. Dunkin served as the Central Region Order of the Arrow Chairman for sixteen years, and is responsible for shaping the region structure and program into what it is today.

Committee Structure

The Section Chief in consultation with the Section Adviser will appoint the Awards and Recognition Chairman. The Section Adviser in consultation with the Section Chief will appoint the Awards and Recognition Adviser. The Chairman will only have voting power in the case of tie. The Chairman will submit a list of 4 youth committee members, besides himself, for approval to the Section Chief. Each member of the committee including the Chairman must represent each lodge of the Section (Only one member from each lodge). This rule may be waived at the discretion of the Section Chief and Adviser. A quorum will be defined as at least 3 of the 5 youth members. The Awards and Recognition Adviser will be the only adult allowed to be present during the discussion of nominees. The committee may invite people to comment on the nominee at their discretion. If a nominee is a member of the committee they will be asked to remove themself from the conversation. Members of the Awards and Recognition Committee will not be disclosed.


In order to be eligible for the R.D. Dunkin Award Leadership in Service Award, one must be a member in good standing of the Order of the Arrow and have given at least eighteen months of service to the Section as an active member of the Section leadership team (i.e. Section officer/adviser, lodge chief/adviser, committee chairman/adviser, or committee member). Member of the Section Key 5 (Section Chief, Section Vice Chief, Section Secretary, Section Adviser, Section Associate Adviser(s)) or the R.D. Dunkin Award Leadership in Service Award committee (Chairman or Adviser(s)) are all ineligible to received the award in the year that they are active in this position.

Nomination Process

Any person desiring to nominate an individual may submit a completed current nomination form to Awards and Recognition Committee by March 15th, 2020. Individuals may submit as many as they feel there are worthy Arrowmen. Nominations will not be held over from previous year(s). Nominations submitted by family members will be immediately discarded. NOTE: Attendance at Section Conclave or other Section programs, the National Leadership Seminar, the National Order of the Arrow Conference, the National Scout Jamboree, or OA High Adventure is not grounds for eligibility. Serving on staff or in a leadership role during any of the aforementioned programs, however, is.

Selection Process

The committee chairman has the right of first refusal for any nomination received. Once received by both the committee chairman and committee adviser, nomination(s) will be immediately discarded if they fail any of the eligibility requirements. The committee prior to a vote to determine recipient(s), if any, will review each nominee’s form. The committee may choose to bestow a maximum of three youth and two adults’ awards per year. To be selected the nominee must gain at least fifty-one (51) percent of the votes, but must also be in the top three youth or two adults. All voting ties will be decided by the Awards and Recognition Chairman. The Awards and Recognition Adviser(s) shall have no vote but assist in providing guidance and ensure the vote counting. All votes are cast blind and are not reviewed with other committee members.


The R.D. Dunkin Leadership in Service Award is to be presented at the annual Section Conclave.

Class of 2019

  • Austin Powell, Wah-Sha-She Lodge
  • Forrest Bolles, Wah-Sha-She Lodge
  • Paul Riley, Dzie-Hauk Tonga Lodge
  • Taylor Kammerer, Mitigwa Lodge
  • Thomas Ward, Tamegonit Lodge