Section C-5B Conclave

2019 Tornado Alley Rally

The 2019 Tornado Alley Rally will be held at Theodore Naish Scout Reservation in Bonner Springs, Kansas on April 12-14. Camp Naish has over 800 acres and over 90 years of history, including recently being named one of the top 10 council camps in the Nation two years in a row! Tamegonit Lodge, our host, has plenty of fun activities available including: shooting sports, and ga-ga-ball. In addition, Camp Naish is located on one of the highest points in the Metro area with: fascinating rock formations, deep valleys, high peaks, and meadows for camping. Camp Naish also hosts a large trading post (conveniently located between the camping areas and Mess hall) with a large variety of products, supplies, and treats!

More information is to come, but we hope to see you at Camp Naish on April 12-14 for our Tornado Alley Rally! Remember to register for conclave by Wednesday, April 3rd.